Campaign: Damos Crusade


Za'Shan Shawe is an Eldar who hails from the craft world of Iyanden, a place where the people are on the brink of extinction. Za'Shan was a boy who favored being in the lime light and since he could first engage other younglings he would regale them with fictional stories of triumphs that he himself never took part in, and it was deemed that he would be perfect for a lifelong journey down the path of the harlequin, and he trained rigorously in acrobatics as well as dance and song, but to everyone's amazement at the last second Za'Shan settled on personal exile down the path of the corsair. When questioned on this matter Za'Shan waves a hand in dismissal deferring to a deep seated wanderlust, but ensures his people that one day he will return. The true fact remains only with him, that he is rather cynical about the standing of his home craft world, and so he seeks to search the galaxy for lost or forgotten Eldar technology using his new ideal skill set to sneak, perform, deceive, and hopefully finding something that will be able to bring his people back from the brink.

And so he finds himself traversing the galaxy when he catches wind of a famous human rogue trader that is "tolerant" of xenos and that is beginning to expand into a new sector of the galaxy, and with the opportunity presenting itself he traveled to Jika where he easily became on officer aboard Erika Damos's ship.

Personally Za'Shan fancies himself an aristocrat, drinking fine wines, and indulging in poetry, art, and historical texts. Whilst he enjoys his hobbies he prefers to be nude in view of the expanse of the void so as to gaze upon the beauty of the stars, and so as they may gaze back upon his own magnificence. 

As far as family is concerned Za'Shan also has a sister who too exiled herself from the planet, but instead of pursuing a noble goal, Riza Shelwe chose to use her talented singing voice to become an intergalactic pop idol, and to this day is detested by her brother for abandoning their dying world.

Appearance-wise Za'Shan is lean and tall, common amongst his people, and his skin is a light bronze, and his face his flecked with dark freckles and dotted with two fierce teal eyes. His hair is a burning orange that he keeps trimmed just above his shoulders and tied back in a short pony tail. He wears his waystone as an earring, and it is a small faceted garnet.