Campaign: The Damos Crusade

Vandal Conningham is one of the two rogue traders in the Damos Crusade campaign.

Vandal Conningham is a clean shaven man with messy jet black hair.Originally hailing from the world of Kalstris, Vandal served in the planetary guard as part of his civic duty, Thanks to his father's position as the planetary governor, Vandal was able to secure the rank of Major in the Kalstrian guards and served with distinction in the bloody Kin-War. After controversial actions that occured the battle of Khar Vul, Vandal was summoned to the loyalist capital for censoring. Upon arrival Vandal spent some time in the governorial palace where he noticed that things had most certainly changed since the war began as many of the statues and painting of heros from throughout the ages had been replaced with strange and debauched works. What was once the proud and noble stronghold of Kalstris was reduced to a gaudy palace of sensory pleasures. Disgusted with the state of affairs and with how elusive his father Saxon was at meeting with him, Vandal soon reunited and spent time his sister Helvetia, and also his brothers Ostrogon and Visigon. Together they informed him of their mother's recent passing and how their father Saxon was trying to cope with the loss of his wife by locking himself in his study and pouring over ancient times until all hours of the morning.

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