Tarron Damos Campaign

The Trials and Tribulations of Tarron Damos is a Rogue Trader campaign that is hosted at Tate's Gaming Satellite every Wednesday.

It revolves around a Rogue Trader named Tarron Damos (an NPC character that the GM controls) and his motley crew. The flagship is the Argenteus Cornix, a light cruiser.


  • Tarron Damos - He's very angry, all the time.
  • Fauxshot - (pronounced "Fox Shot") Vostroyan sniper, First Officer.
  • Ardiem - psycho explorator, also our Enginseer Prime.
  • Velnoth - brain in a jar, psyker
  • Corwyn - a charming psyker
  • Haddon Cort - explorator with a krak missile fetish
  • Nathan - our sole void-master
  • Crowvus - He's a super kroot with custom storm trooper armor and a tau burst cannon and a alpha krootox beast with armor that has stats close to a space marine. Ironicly one of the most armored/wepaonised crew members
  • Samson - the missionary of burning things
  • Grok - big ork with Terminator-equivalent armor
  • Thanius - an Interrogator stationed with Tarron
  • Necro - a dark elf
  • Liander - an arch-militant
  • O'hann Barbazon - navigator