Campaign: The Trials and Tribulations of Tarron Damos

As told by Corwyn Nilius, Choir-Master aboard the Argenteus Cornix

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Note: It seems I've lost this portion of the log, so I'll summarize what happened. The fifth person that targeted Tarron Damos is an admiral of the Imperial Fleet, and naturally Tarron is intent on paying him in kind. The admiral's hand in the events against Tarron were not generally known, and in turn Tarron had no outward reason to hate the admiral. So Tarron made arrangements to attend a banquet in the admiral's honor for his services rendered in the sector, hosted in a space station.

The command crew split up into 2 groups: one group would attend the feast, while the other group would infiltrate the crawlspaces underneath. During the feast the admiral made a surprise announcement that there were assassins at the party, and he then retired from the festivities. The command crew followed, discreetly, and the 2 groups joined up. They made their way to the top of a tower of the space station, where their way was blocked by a huge muscled man over 7' in height.

The entire command crew engaged the huge man, and was surprisingly rebuffed. But it was soon clear that they would eventually prevail, and the huge man escaped. The group then moved in, past the door, only to discover that it was a trap: the whole room sealed was sealed off and the admiral spoke to them over the vox system, mocking them. The outer window was fractured, open to space, and the command crew fought to override the station's systems so that they might make it back to safety.

The command crew was then captured by the admiral, and they were disarmed and then treated to (another) feast with the admiral. He explained that he was being framed by an impostor, a daemonic being that looked like him. The crew agreed to hunt down this creature and put and end to it.

In the final confrontation the command crew was ultimately unsuccessful in destroying it, but they were able to banish it for 100 years.