Campaign: Trials and Tribulations of Tarron Damos

As told by Corwyn Nilius, Choir-Master aboard the Argenteus Cornix

With the last of the five threats to Tarron Damos put to rest, it was time to celebrate! We set course for Jika, the hive world that Tarron colonized, and made it with no troubles.  Upon arrival we made preparations to attend an epic banquet to celebrate. All of Tarron Damos' family would be in attendance (father, two brothers, and a sister). In fact, I sent a message to Tarron's sister, Inquistior Elizabeth Damos of the Ordos Xenos, to request a brief meeting with her.

I met her soon before the festivities started. She was extremely curt, and actually told me that she's "very busy" as we're all waiting around for the party to start.  Not sure if she's normally this way or if she's heard negative things about me.  In any case I told her about my son Elric, who would someday be a gifted psyker, and asked her if she would be willing to take him on as part of her entourage once he comes of age. She agreed, thankfully, and that lifted a huge burden from my shoulders.

Someone inquired as to the Admiral, as we are all about to go and he is still not present. Some messengers had been sent to get him over a half-hour ago, and have still not returned. So Fauxshot and Grok set off to investigate. They arrived at the small hive-tower where the admiral was staying, and everything was eerily quiet with bodies and blood everywhere. There were corpses smeared across the grounds and walls. Looking through the reflection of his polished power-claw (polished on account of the festivities) the ork mega-nob Grok peered into the tower's interior. be continued...