Prison World Cleansing Part 4 Edit

Tarron Damos Campaign

The Dome Edit

After our encounter with the demon, we trudged onward to the spire. Faux Shot didn't seem concerned that our Eldar, Necro, was killed by Grok. All he did was take samples of what was left of the creature and ordered us to move.

I've gotten some praise and chastising from Nathan for getting rid of the demon. "Why didn't you do that sooner, Choir Boy!?" I believe his words were. I try to remind him that I'm still new to adventuring and have never in my life put the God Emperor's power to use in such a manner.

Velnoth seems to be avoiding me for some reason...

Eventually we see a bluish bubble up ahead in the distance. As we march towards it, the bubble continually gets bigger until it towers over us. The strange anomaly seemed to be made of mist, but at the same time looked like a stream of liquid. It prevented us from seeing what was up ahead.

Wary, Faux Shot motioned to us to fall behind him and slowly enters the mist. I move to do the same....... However, darkness took over me and the next thing I know, I'm inside the bubble and Faux Shot has a death grip on my wrist. "Samson. Is that you?" He asks.

Confused, I reply "Ah yes. Can you see sir?" He stares at me, then let's go of me. "I can see fine, missionary. You just had a stroke that's all." His explanation makes no sense but I just shake it off, and start tending to my bruised wrist.

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