Red Ded is an Ork Kommando and bounty hunter under the employ of Lord-Admiral Nathan Zachary and is the Master-at-Arms of "The Homestead". The sneakiest of Orks, he has trained under some of the best of his Klan as well as some of the Imperium occupying the fringes of the galaxy. His prospects as a bounty hunter are best known in such fringes, as the Koronus Expanse and neighboring sectors, earning him the Underworld nickname "The Bloody Deed", an Imperial Low-Gothic disambiguation of his Orkish name.

Personality & Appearance Edit

Like any usual Greenskin, he is a tall and wide figure, but shorter than most Orks at ~7'6". His left tusk is snapped, a mid-sized scar over his left eye, and a large scorched section of his face from mid-dome, ending at his cheekbone, to his left side. The Sclera of his eyes are pitch-black and his Irises are a dark cloudy yellow. His personality is highly un-Orky during calm moments of time; keep cool and even being quite friendly with most others, even Orks. This mannerism shifts dramatically during stressful times or times of battle. He has a tendency to bump his fists repetitively during cerebral excitement of a positive variety.

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