Operation: Dirtbag? A Middle and End by KaleiEdit

I'm not so sure you'd call the man we were after "Dirt". I've only seen the likes of him in my old captors, and, heresy though it may be, I find it both terrifying and inspiring. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Where did I last leave off? Ah! Right. I was just getting to my conversation with Yo'Hann, down in his bunker. Well, to my extreme alarm, when I asked him what we would be doing now he informed me that he had set the room to flash-burn in 5 minutes. And that we had been standing around for 4. I ask, as fast as I can, how he intends for us to leave. He points to a sort of elevator, and I rush over to it and shout for mycompanions to come along. Our explorator Allen decides he NEEDS to grab a computer(Fuckin tech-priests), then rushes along with everyone else as we're pulled away from the room, and the explosion that follows shortly after our departure. We come up to an odd, dingy apartment, filled! Despite my grumbling stomach, which now always seems to be grumbling, I decide to cut the wire to the elevator so that it plummets down, preventing the arbites from effectively following. I then step to the window, see a solid hundred more arbites, and some armor. ork in a box? Yes. That's exactly what it was. I slowly step back, and announce what I've seen. Allen set off an alarm far away in the city, and we all settled in to wait. I promptly started eating as much food as can fit in my hands, a rather unhealthy amount of pickles, as the Arbites Victus(Had his name wrong), damned unstrategic idiot that he is, decided to leap from the elevator shaft and declare his awesomeness yet again. I laugh with satisfaction as Yo'hann shoots at him, knocking him back down, hopefully to his death. In case he isn't dead I decide to play it safe and shut the shaft doors, and tie the metal handles together. Allen then suggests we hide in some barrels, and let him and Vickle push us out the building. After finding a barrel in which I can fit I agree to what seems to be a very cliche plan. It just so happens we don't make it very far, thanks yet again to the arbites interference. After we crash into the ork, he calls out from the shaft asking that we open it. Undercover situation, and he just ASKS. Thank god Yo'Hann was knocked unconscious in the collision. The ork lets Victus out of the shaft for reasons unknown and we arrest the limp for of Yo'Hann after our psyker probes his brain. Another success beyond all forms of bad luck and Random Arbites, and we're ready to act upon the information we've gathered. Time for Phase 3 of the Impromptu Plan.