Campaign: Damos Crusade Campaign

I've been told to keep a written journal of my going ons (some sort of Psychology thing I'm guessing) and report them here.

Bar Fight (or why drinking is a bad idea)Edit

                                     Journal #1 Begin

Huh, interesting. My new squad’s dragged me along to some kind of... base? I don't know, lots of people drinking stuff that smells different, people making melodic noises… one of my squad is climbing on the raised platform and has started talking along wish I could turn off my ears; there’s also a girl spinning around a pole for some reason. Haven’t seen something like that before; maybe I've spent too long in transit.

I decide to head over where many of the people are getting some of the liquid. I stop at the counter and point at a bottle. “I would like to try that, please.” The man behind the counter raises an eyebrow.

“What’d you say?” A common problem I have; people don’t understand me for some reason. Must have a mumbled.

“That, I would like that,” I point at the bottle again. The man seems to understand, he hands me the bottle. I sniff the bottle, the smell burns my nostrils, I take a drink. It burns going down, I don’t like it. I start to hear this ringing noise.

“Hey there,” another person walks up and leans on the counter. “Amasec, good choice.” I look at the bottle, is that what they called this stuff? “Can I interest you in a drinking game?” I cock my head to the side; this could prove interesting.

“Drinking game?”

The man’s smile seems to fade slightly. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he chuckles and motions for a drink. The man behind the counter slams down a bottle similar to mine next to the stranger. “We’ll play basic; we’ll each slam a bottle, first one to collapse or puke loses.” He pops the cap. “Ready?”

The idea sounds... interesting. “Alright, I’ll give it a go,” I give a thumbs up. The stranger slams back his bottle and orders two more while I finish off my first bottle. We count before we slam back the next bottles; my head is starting to tingle. My vision begins to blur slightly around the edges; never had that happen before.

Somewhere to my right a door is kicked down and the sounds of fighting-

                               COMBAT DOCTRINE ENGAGED


Great, happened again. My arm hangs limply against my side, I notice members of my new squad running off... somewhere; an ork stumbles out and collapses, heavily wounded. I rush to the downed ork and grab its collar, didn't think orks would be so heavy. I begin to drag it after our allies.

The enemy combatants burst around the corner, flamers and bolters raised. “Surrender, or die,” I drop the ork. Fighting more would probably not be a good idea.

                                 Journal Entry #1 Over