Campaign: Damos Crusade


Young, hot but somewhat naive, looks totally innocent, and dumb as a bag o' bricks. Think sweet anime girl that can kick your butt.

Magos Gladius's Report Edit

Hail Brothers, I have received your request for a review of the subject spawned from your delivered STC and have delivered with as much haste as the Omnissiah would allow. I pray this message reaches you quickly.

Subject: 01001101 - 01101111 - 01101100 - 01101100 (Some of our younger Genetors have taken to calling this particular subject Moll, for some reason)
Height: Roughly 1.75 Meters, give or take a few centimeters.
Hair Color: Black and surprisingly pointy for some reason
Eyes: Green, and slightly larger than many of the other vat-growns.

Allow me to say this first, many of these physical deviances from the standard template pose a negligible effect on a vat-grown trooper's abilities.

Now, on to the core of this report. After much studying of the subject, I have been able to decipher that, while much of her speech may be unintelligible, she posses a naturally curious mind and I spent many hours answering questions; as many as I could understand anyway.

Like the other vat-growns, Moll (they have me saying it now) excels at combat, but I fear she stays out of the normal Combat Doctrine that we expect from most of our subjects. However when placed in the training cages, Moll was able to dispatch the servitors (and even a few vat-growns) with a very methodical approach. Moll seems to be able to enter and leave the Doctrine almost at will; it seems to turn itself on during times of stress and combat, and off again when out of combat. I have witnessed her turning it on out of combat as well, so there is a bit of unpredictability in this.

A note on her speech if I may. I believe that while, yes, it may seem like a major deviance from what we believe we found in the STC, but may in fact be its original intention. Why the Genetors of the past felt this would be a good design choice, I'm afraid I have no idea.

However, while I feel that this first step in the perfection of our most recent find, I fear that further production from this STC would prove detrimental to our on going mission. And while I am impressed with this particular subject, I fear that pulling data from this STC for more vat-growns before many of the errors are found and eradicated we must cease production of this particular build. Also, I must advise the destruction of Subject 01001101 - 01101111 - 01101100 - 01101100, lest our foes extract any data they may need from her.

All Praise to the Omnissiah, Magos Gladius

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