Campaign: The Damos Crusade

Tech priest casu marzu by drhoz-d4cokqt

Millien Rengrave, one decked out dude. Long flowing robes of crimson and gold. Unlike most Mechanicus he wears his hood down to display his short but bright platinum blonde hair. His skin is a dark tan, and his eyes a fierce red that burn with all the passion an upcoming rap star can muster. He has bears few modifications to his body other than the basic implants received as a mechanicus. He makes sure to specially design all his implants with a bronze inlay reminisce of the old west. His most notable bionic are his shoulder mounted ballistic mechadendrite and his MIU weapon interface which make his left shoulder appear massive. His face is characterised by his burning eyes and his black grill of a mechanicus respirator that curves inward and meets at a point.

He's young, he's fly, and he's out there representing his home planet of Mars.