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Chief Meilson was obsessed with finding the ultimate food. Throughout the entirety of his life he had searched the known galaxy for the best that nature had to offer, and made countless dishes with its bounty. He became increasingly frustrated in his quest, for he could never find the one dish that could hold the title of being the ambrosia of all food.

Near the end of his quest, he came to the revelation that there was no ultimate dish, and that all forms of food had it's own purity. Since his body could no longer create food, or survive another trip, he used his wealth to buy the machines necessary to extend his life for eons. Before he went to the deep sleep of the machine he gave one last directive to his descendants. To take up the role of chiefs and explorers to continue his new quest in his place; to create the greatest dishes from every form of food discovered. He himself will be awaken to taste firsthand the results of their efforts during 40 year introvals.

Over the centuries, his descendants created a culinary empire. They created planet-wide food chains. Explored planets for new forms of nourishment, and made meals that were considered divine, and couldn't be duplicated by rival businesses.

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Kauffe as a youth was forced into the Meilson doctrine of culinary life. He was forced to finish meals made by his parents. (Picky eaters did not exist within the Meilson family.) He also had to make his own food and make dinners for the family once a week. When he came of age, he choose to focus on the art of coffee brewing to continue on the family legacy.

He at one point developed an interest in machines. When he had free time, he would tinker with old ovens and dishwashers, eventually getting enough personal experience to fix them. This path soon led him to become an explorator. While his family did not at any point approve of his life decision, Kauffe swore that his religious duties would not interfere with his family obligations. In this Kauffe became a black sheep in the Meilson dynasty, but was not banished from the family line.

Kauffe's fall from grace came from a bitter and long rivalry with his missionary brother, Will Hersh Meilson. A chocolatier who had the praise of his entire family. While the brothers used to get along when they were young, that friendship was replaced by anger and resentment from both of them.

The rivalry reached a climatic end at the Meilson family gathering dinner. This dinner was the time when the family's head was awaken to lavish in the dishes of his descendants. However since he had quite the extended family, the gathering took place for over a month as Chief Meilson judged all of their greatest contributions to the family line. Will had decided that this was the perfect time to once and for all get rid of his younger pain in the neck brother Hawt once and for all.

In secret he had sabotaged Kauffe's batch of beans, making his drinks inedible to anyone. Presenting such a drink to the head would surely banish the heretic from the family legacy. When Hawt discovered that his batch was tainted, he immediately called his private connections to get a new batch a.s.a.p. His next move was to confront the one he knew in his steel cold heart, that was responsible for his work being ruined.

Kauffe never had any proof his brother had done the deed, but he still went up to Will anyway, and accused him of being a traitor to the family teachings. Will denied the accusation and blamed the bad beans on Hawt's incompetence. This, as Will planned, tipped Kauffe over the boiling point. Kauffe openly declared war on his brother, and attacked Will and his assets, with everything he could muster at his disposal. This battle went on and off for a week before the rest of the family members intervened and stopped the brothers from killing each other.

In the private trial that followed, Will was found innocent of treason to tradition, but was found guilty of attempted fratricide. (brother killing brother) Hawt was also found guilty of attempted fratricide. He was also found guilty of treason against the family since he lacked evidence against Will. Thus his claim for war was unjustified. Whereas Will had a severe punishment dealt to him by Chief Mielson, Hawt had faced the terrifying prospect of being removed from the family dynasty, and losing all rights he had to the family name.

Only two things had prevented Hawt Kauffe from being banished from the family legacy and sent to jail, one of them was his quick thinking in securing a new batch of coffee beans. With his new untainted batch, Kauffe brewed the finest coffee he could make as his tribute to the head. Once the head had drunk Kauffe's tribute, he became far more lenient, not wanting to eliminate Kauffe from his line unless he had no choice. After hearing that his forefather accepted his drink graciously, Hawte quickly chimed in his offer in rempetance for his actions.

As it just so happened, familiars of the Damos family had been recruiting volunteers for a crusade throughout the galaxy. Hawt proposed to the head to enlist in the crusade in the family's name. He debated that he would follow in the footsteps of several of his forefathers before him and bring honor to the family in his services to the Imperium of man, all the while keeping true to the family tradition.

Chief Mielson thought on this, then finding no alternative other than banishment, granted Kauffe's request for repentance. However he added that should the crusade fail or if Kauffe was discharged before it was over, Kauffe would be banished from the line anyway. With this in mind, Hawt signed up for the crusade and went on his way to clear his name.

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