Campaign: The Trials and Tribulations of Tarron Damos

Grok - A warboss standing 15 tall wearing magnificent meganob armor and a powerclaw etched with all the names of notable foes he's slain.  Commanding an ork warband of 2 and half million strong and 3 Killa Kroozers under his command.

States - Currently under the employment of the crazy pinky, Tarron Damos.

Personality - The information gathered by imperial forces states that Grok is a standard typical violent ork that has a love for looting, war, and raiding. The catch is that he is friendly with humans and has a surprising understanding of the Imperium. 

Warband the Cyber Bloods - While small by most ork standards it stands 2 and half million strong. And is well equipped even by ork standards.  Nobs wielding chaos weapons and high end ork equipment. Also 2/3 of the war band is made of flashgitz. However while the average boy is well equipped they're sadly lacking in armor only having a few deffdreads, battle wagons, and tanks.