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Where was I? Ah yes, Operation Dirtbag, as it came to be called by our Arbites; Whom I finally know as Victruss. (Although for a second I could've sworn he said Victriss.)

Once Kalei the Arch Militant (whom I abandoned at the bar) came back, we had our first meeting as a rogue trader crew with our boss. Kalei informed us that the soldiers whom attacked us were in fact imperium, and after being captured, was brought to a facility where he was put into a decontamination shower. "Why would imperium soldiers attack us?" I ask out loud. That's when Conningham informed us that, that group was after a terrorist they've been hunting for the past few weeks. The terrorist was known as Arakhos, and was gaining power as the crime lord of Hydra by creating poisonous, biological weapons and setting them off in public places. Apparently he was at the bar prior to the break in, but slipped out along with the rest of us. Now law enforcement is looking for anyone who was at the bar to decontaminate them, and to capture the crime lord.

My heart sank a little at this news. The leader SAW me; so naturally one of the people they would look for is a mutant with dark fur and wolf ears. Want to take a guess at how many of those types are in the city? Still I'm not too worried about my well being as far as the weapons were concerned. My "condition" strengthened my body to ignore such poisons. Still, there is a possibility that I might be a carrier and not know it yet. I might want to turn myself in at the earliest opportunity.

At the end of the meeting, it was suggested that we meet another crime lord, that is fighting against Arakhos for control, and offer him some weapons for money, and get some information while we're at it. Victruss opposed the idea vehemently, but was eventually talked down by the other members. Our explorator went away for a few hours to create a special case of weapons that can avoid a metal detector's signal. Then we went off to meet the crime lord enemy of Hydra.

Along the way, I thought to myself whether or not I should turn myself to the authorities for decontamination. True while they did treat Kalei rather well, I'm not sure if they would give me the same treatment since I was a mutant.

So lost was I in thought, I didn't notice a group of thugs coming at us and firing their weapons until it was too late. Fortunately they were lousy shots and completely missed us. Kalei wasted no time foolishly charging up to the group and hacking away at them with his sword. I and the astropath returned fire against the thugs, but also missed. (I knew I should've worked harder at mastering shooting instead of focusing so much on sword fighting.) The others had more success though. I witnessed the explorator hurl his shock staff at one of the men, while it bounced off him, the electricity still did its magic, causing him to stop and shake violently. Cunningham shot a man in the face, causing him to keel over, but it didn't kill him.

In an amazing display of strength Kalei plunged his sword into one of the two standing assassins, turning him into an almost literal fountain of blood and gore. Somehow Kalei avoided being covered in the man's remains but the remaining thug wasn't so lucky. Seeing as the the group was thoroughly incapacitated, I ran up to them at top speed and handcuffed all of them before they got back to their senses. Once I was done, Victruss caught up to us, and started interrogating the captives. (He was following us from a distance to avoid blowing our cover.)

During Victruss's interrogation, he discovered that the hit-men were told to target us specifically and bring us to someone. Was it Arakhos? They didn't seem to be clear on whom had sent them. After some time, to my horror, Victruss took his shotgun and killed 3 of the men. Kalei then killed the last man by punching him in the face, causing another strange explosion of blood.

As far as Victruss is concerned, if this is how the Imperium deals with undesirables, I might not want to turn myself in at all. Kalei on the other hand, is rather oddly strong. Causing people to "explode" after striking them isn't something even I could do, and I'm a mutant with enhanced strength. He must've had extensive training to perform such a feat.

Eventually we end up at the crime lord's head-quarters, and are stopped by two armed guards. (At this point Victruss once again separated from us, and started staking out the spot with other arbites.) Our explorator sweet talked them into letting us pass, and then we went up to the crime lord's room. He introduced himself as Yo'hann and asked us what our business was. Once we showed him the weapons with their undetectability fire power capabilities, he was more than happy to buy the guns from us. Yo'hann then told us that he had some problems with a newcomer from Hydra, and was losing forces to him.

It was then that we heard gunfire coming down from below us. Yo'hann called his forces to find out what was happening, what we all heard sent chills down my spine. "You have the right to remain silent, your cries for leniency will not be heard!!".........It was an overeager Victruss crashing in with his men. Doesn't that idiot know that these things take time!? The crime lord pushed a button on his chair, and it descended down to reveal a secret passage, he motioned us to follow him. I got in last and as I did the chair closed behind me. As we descended down the steps Yo'hann accused us of being in league with the arbitees. (No shit, this is exactly why that idiot should've waited.) Fortunately we were able to convince him otherwise, and continued moving on without further incident.

To be continued.

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