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We had descended further down the mine, when we were attacked by three ragged, clothed genestealers. The group took shots at the beasts, however, they proved far more resilient than the cultists. One of them clawed my skin. Turning my focus on it, I lashed with my power sword, but hit nothing but air. I back off from the creature, leaving it free to attack Zickle.

Then something appeared out of nowhere. This new creature seemed to phase in, from behind the genestealer monsters. It roared an unnatural howl, and started charging us. I look around for a moment. The genestealer I fought had taken some hits from Vandal's guns. One genestealer was being held down by Kalei, and the third was attacking Narvaris.

We needed to take the creatures out now, so I strike the genestealer I attacked before, and sliced its claw off. Zickle attacked it as well and took off the rest of the arm. Then another round of Vandal shots tore through the beast.

I hear a pained yowl from Narvaris. The unknown beast and genestealer had teamed up and struck him down. He collapsed on the floor. Kalei raised the genestealer he had wrestled with over his head and threw it at the anomaly. The two abnormalities fought a bit, as we moved foward to engage them.

Only the strange creature vanished. Disappeared as mysteriously as it came into being. We dispatched the wounded genestealer. The final genestealer crouched down, and waved it's tongue over Narvaris. It then retreated where we had entered. Kalei took out a gun I hadn't seen before, and shot the beast, not with bullets, but with a streak of lightning. The creature fell.

I turn my attention to Narvaris. He was alive, thankfully, but he lost his right arm. Kalei stooped down and started covering the stub with bandages. The creature's last action disturbed me, so I immediately tell Kalei. "I saw the creature wave its tongue over him, and-" Kalei pushed me aside and tore into Narvaris's chest with his new bionic right arm. When the arm was out of his chest, I saw a tiny abomination in its grasp. "Hey Vandal! Batter Up!!" Kalei stated as he threw the thing at Vandal, who cut it clean through with a sword.

After a bit of time passed, Narvaris came to. We had repaired the damage done to his body, but his arm was still deattached. "Where's my arm" He asks. I present him with it; he vomited for the second time.

We moved forward down the mines. The stone and dirt tunnel turned into a flesh covered one. We spotted more gene stealers came at us from the top of the ceiling. We opened fire and downed three of the creatures, but didn't kill them outright. The two leftover descended and attacked us. Kalei once again grappled one of them, leaving the rest of the group to go after the last one. Once we took care of it, I rushed over to execute the stunned gene stealers.

I came back to see Kalei stuffing the gene stealer he tangled with into his void suit. He claimed that we could possibly get some money off of the creature if we sold it to the right people. I argued against this. Something this dangerous should be eliminated and disposed of, not sold to the highest bidder where their negligence causes a disaster. Vandal heard my words, but sided with Kalei. I'll remember this.

We finally arrived inside the room with the power generator. It was rather large place. Off to the side their was another entrance to the cave; gave me the creeps looking at it. The generator itself was rather sizable, and seemed to have a control panel in front of it.

A cackle filled the air. "So, you've made it all the way here. Congratulations!" In front of the generator stood the doctor from earlier. His face was visible to us now, His teeth was exposed on the right side of his face, and seemed morphed. "Yes, you all will make valuable subjects for our masters who have existed since the dawn of time." I reply back, "Your masters will die today." Kalei agrees with me.

If the doctor had a reply, he didn't get to say it, as Vandal opened fire on him, turning him into a pile of guts and bones. We move towards the control panel. "Hey Gibs can you give us a hand with this?" Kalei asks. From right behind me I hear Gibs "Sure, no hassle for me". Shocked to see him, I ask "When did you get here!?"  Gibs answered, "Oh I was always with you, just a few steps behind were I could see you, but not get horribly hurt by the eyes." He went passed me, and with him was a human sized, but rather bulky robot. (How could I not notice this? My senses must have dulled over time.)

As Gibs worked on the generator, we hear an unearthly screech come from the side entrance. From there we saw what Kalei described as a brood lord. It had four sharp arms, and eyes that seemed to pierce straight into one's soul. The group opened fire on the being, but all of the bullets seemed to just bounce off. Before I could move to attack it, I felt a wave of dread hit me. It felt, like I was being overwhelmed by the Brood Lord's mere presence.

Kalei charged and wrestled with the beast. The brood lord fought Kalei, but he managed to barely hold it in place. Gibbs robot zoomed passed us and supported Kalei with holding the beast. With the creature pinned, I charged and struck at it with my power sword. Vandal appeared next to me, and pierced the brood lord with his own blade. Instantly, flames burst from the wound engulfing the monstrosity. Kalei struggled to not get burned by the fire, all the while maintaining his grip.

In time, our repeated attacks take it's tool on the dark creature, and we slay it. Once it's death throughs subside, we hear screeching echoing throughout the mines. Gibs let us know that the generator was on and running. With that in mind, the group rushed back to the elevator. Zickle, and Gibs started to fall behind us. I picked up Zickle with a free hand, and carried him the rest of the way. Vandal got Gibs.

We managed to reach the elevator. As we rose up, gene stealers appeared, and began attacking everything within reach. Amongst their number was a rather daunting monstrosity. As it roared, I recognized it as the thing loitering in the right path. (Thank you instincts.)

Back at top, there was gore everywhere in the station. We see Cleotus (and I'm not making this up.) in a dress, stained with blood and bits of flesh. "Vandal! What's going happening!? Some of the crew went mad and started lashing out at everyone, along with these creatures!" Vandal calmed him down and let him know that we had killed the brood lord.

Just before we went aboard our ship, we met with Captain Wilhelm from Airam. He exchanged his medieval armor, for a grand set of power armor. He got caught in the brawl, and slew everything hostile. I got some new-found respect for the man. The only wound he got was a scratch on his neck, from when a gene stealer missed him with its tongue. (Key word there being missed.)

After inspecting Cleotus's gear one more time, we completed the trade, and left the station on course back to Airam. Along the way, we arrived at a secret Imperium military base and traded the gene stealer Kalei captured to upgrade our weapons. I had my mono sword upgraded with a shock guard. I look forward to using it in future endeavors.

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