Campaign: Damos Crusade

As recorded by Victus Dredd, Intelligencer of the Adeptus Arbites

After being introduced to one another and assigned to our respective crews, they decided to go to a local bar in the undercity while waiting for our transport shuttles. I sat at the bar, and my "crew" were scattered throughout the establishment. They were having drinking contests and generally being ruffians. I looked around and noticed a patron had confronted our "crewmate" Red Ded. (I use the term lightly, he's a filthy Xenos). The patron stated that he did not think the ork should be here and that he should leave. Responding to this, the Ork threw said patron somewhere else in the bar. Suddenly, men in black armor wielding flamers entered from all possible exits. They looked proffesional and incredibly hostile. The man that appeared to be the leader looked around the bar, and sighed. He turned to his men and said "Kill them all". The men readied their flamethrowers and opened fire, setting almost everything in the bar ablaze. Most of the scum in the bar were either dead or on fire. As my crewmates were trying to combat them, I realized that I was only armed with my shotgun. This would be a problem, since these men had weapons that were incredibly effective at close range. While considering this, I noticed one of the patrons was simply ignoring the flames, not being bothered by them at all. My suspicion was confirmed when he began to flee the scene. I got up from my seat, fired a round into the ceiling with my shotgun, and flashed my arbites badge. It gained the attention of the hostiles and they continued firing on my "crew". I then proceeded to chase after the fleeing suspect in order to investigate.