Campaign: Damos Crusade

Sirko is an arid planet that is in the same star system as Airam. Erika Damos' crew ventured onto this planet as part of the A Deal is a Deal events.


  • large world
  • normal gravity
  • has no orbital features
  • has a thin atmosphere (gain double fatigue)
  • hot world, with some moderate regions
  • has a limited ecosystem
  • has multiple landmasses (continents)
  • has 4 Territories

First Territory:

  • Plains (the desert that covers the main part of the planet)
  • Trait: Expansive (it's big)
  • 7 landmarks: crater, canyon, exceptional: perpetual storm, exceptional: inland sea (of quicksilver), cave network, mountains, another cave network

Second Territory:

  • Forest/Jungle (near the northern tip)
  • Trait: Expansive (also big)
  • 4 landmarks: exceptional: inland sea, cave network, mountains, another cave network.

Third Territory:

  • Swamp (borders the northern tip and the ocean)
  • Trait: Extreme temperature (hot)
  • 5 landmarks: volcano, canyon, exceptional: reef, cave network.

Fourth Territory:

  • Forest/Jungle (near the southern tip)
  • Trait: Extreme temperature (hot)
  • 5 landmarks: cave network, crater, canyon, another cave network, exceptional: reef.

So the equator is the hottest part of the planet, with more habitable areas near the 2 poles of the planet. The southern pole is warmer than the northern pole because the northern area is on an elevated mesa, with a swamp at the base of the mesa meeting the ocean.

Inhabitants: There is wild life, but there are no intelligent inhabitants.

Mineral Resources: 5

Additional Resources: 0

Resource 1:

  • Amount: Significant (73)
  • Type: Ornamental (crux-gems)

Resource 2:

  • Amount: Limited (32)
  • Type: Industrial Metal (iron)

Resource 3:

  • Amount: Sustainable (61)
  • Type: Exotic Material (the critical component in anti-grav tech)

Resource 4:

  • Amount: Sustainable (42)
  • Type: Ornamental (silver)

Resource 5:

  • Amount: Significant (67)
  • Type: Radioactive