Defiant Light Cruiser

Campaign: The Trials and Tribulations of Tarron Damos

The Argenteus Cornix (High Gothic for Silver Crow) is the flagship of Tarron Damos' motley crew. It is a Defiant-class Light Cruiser that was acquired relatively recently, the previous starship Daedalus having been sucked into the warp.


  • Hull - Light Cruiser.
  • Dimensions - Approximately 3.8 kilometres long, 0.5 kilometres abeam at fins.
  • Class - Defiant-class Light Cruiser.
  • Mass - Approximately 22 megatonnes.
  • Crew - Approximately 61,500 crew, including 6,100 pilots and support staff.
  • Acceleration - 3.8 Gravities maximum sustainable acceleration.

Stats Edit

  • Hull Integrity: 63
  • Armor: 20
  • Speed: 6 [1]
  • Turret Rating: 4
  • Shields: 1
  • Crew Rating: Crack (40 skill)
  • Weapon Capacity: 1 Prow, 1 Port, 1 Starboard
  • Maneuverability: +12
  • Detection: +31
  • Power: 54 / 65
  • Space: 53 / 55
  • Crew: 100% [2]
  • Morale: 92% (90%) [3]

1 May convert 4 power for 1 speed, up to +5 speed.
2 Reduce Crew Population loss due to Depressurization by 4 (minimum 0).
3 All sources of Morale loss are reduced by 1 (minimum 1). Reduce Morale loss due to Depressurization by 4 (minimum 0).

Weapons Edit

Name Strength Crit Rating Damage Range Location
Hecutor-Pattern Plasma Battery (Best) 4 3 1d10+2 11 Prow
When this Weapon Component rolls a 1 or 2 on the Critical Hit Chart, it effects two Components instead of one. Requires 8 Power and 3 Space. (Battlefleet Koronus page 35)
2 Jovian-Pattern Escort Bays (Best) 1 - - - Port & Starboard
Hull space already accounted for, but requires 1 power each. (Battlefleet Koronus page 26)

Attack Craft

Quantity and Type Rating Speed Squadron Size
4 squadrons of Bombers +2 6 10 (40 total)
Durable: When checking for losses reduce by 1, or gain +5 to Upkeep Test. (Battlefleet Koronus page 14)
1 squadron of Fighters +12 10 20 (20 total)
Durable: When checking for losses reduce by 1, or gain +5 to Upkeep Test. (Battlefleet Koronus page 14)
1 squadron of Assault Boats +7 10 8 (8 total)
No special rules. (Battlefleet Koronus page 14)

Attack Notes:

  • +20 to Hit and Run actions when using the Teleportarium, and double the Hull Integrity damage due to StormTroopers
  • +50 to Boarding Actions (+10 from StormTroopers, and +10 per Turret Rating)
  • +5 to all Command tests for attack craft due to Flight Command Bridge

Defense Notes:

  • +25 to resist Hit and Run actions (+10 from Tenebro-Maze, +5 from Clan-Kin Quarters, and +10 from StormTroopers)
  • +65 to resist Boarding Actions (+10 from Tenebro-Maze, +5 from Clan-Kin Quarters, and +10 from StormTroopers, and +10 per Turret Rating)
  • Attackers suffer -40 to any Hit and Run attacks (due to Turret Rating 4)
  • Attackers suffer -5 to Boarding Actions (due to Haunted History)
  • When successfully defending a Boarding Action, inflict an additional 1d5 damage to Crew Population (due to StormTroopers).

Essential Components Edit

Name Power Space
Warp Engines: Miloslav H-616.b (Good) 9 12
Reduce duration of all warp travel by half. However, roll on Warp Travel encounters every 3 days instead of 5. (Battlefleet Koronus page 31)
Plasma Drives: Jovian-Pattern "Warcruiser" Drive (Good) 65* 13
(Into the Storm, page 156)
Geller Field: Warpsbane Hull 1 0
Any Navigation Tests to pilot the ship through the warp gain a +10 bonus. When rolling on Table 7-4: Warp Travel Encounters (Core rulebook, page 186), the GM rolls twice and allows the Navigator to chose which result is applied. (Core rulebook, page 199)
Geller Field (AGAIN!): Emergency Field (Best) 1 0
If the ship unexpectedly enters the warp, roll 1d10. On a 3 or higher, the Gellar Field activates automatically. (Into the Storm, page 156)
Void Shields: Repulsor Shield 6 1
Grants 1 shield. The ship does not suffer penalties to Manoeuvre Actions when travelling through nebulas, ice rings, plasma clouds or other celestial phenomena consisting primarily of small particles. (Into the Storm, page 157)
Ship's Bridge: Flight Command Bridge (Best) 1 1
If this is undamaged then all Command tests for attack craft are at +5, and tests to ready new squadrons never fail. (Battlefleet Koronus page 32)
Life Sustainer: Clemency-Pattern Life Sustainer (Best) 4 4
Increase Morale permanently by 1. Reduce Crew Population and Morale loss due to Depressurization by 4. (Battlefleet Koronus page 32)
Crew Quarters: Clan-kin Quarters 2 5
All Command Tests to defend against boarding and hit and run actions gain +5. In addition, all sources of Morale loss are reduced by 1, to a minimum of 1. (Into the Storm, page 157)
Augur Arrays: Deep-void Augur Array (Good) 6 0
Grants +10 to the ship's Detection. (Core rulebook, page 202)

Supplemental Components Edit

Name Power Space
Empyrean Mantle (Best) 4 0
When travelling on Silent Running, all Tests to detect this vessel have their Difficulty increased by two degrees. (Into the Storm, page 159)
Teleportarium (Best) 1 1
Archeotech. Characters may make Hit and Run Attacks without a piloting test, as they travel directly to the heart of the enemy vessel. When using the teleportarium to perform such an attack, the attacker receives +20 to his Command Test. (Core rulebook, page 207)
Extended Supply Vault 1 4
Double the time a ship may remain at void without suffering Crew Population or Morale loss. When making Extended Repairs, repair 1 additional Hull Integrity. Increase Morale permanently by 1. (Core rulebook, page 205)
Tenebro-Maze (Best) 1 2
Gain +10 to all Command Tests when defending against boarding actions and Hit and Run Actions. When a Component on this ship is selected to be affected from a critical hit, it is chosen by the ship's controller, not the attacker. (Core rulebook, page 205)
Energistic Conversion Matrix (Good) 1 1
Archeotech. Light cruisers can exchange 4 Power for 1 Speed. A ship's Speed value cannot be increased by more than 5 using this Component. (Into the Storm, page 161)
Medicae Deck 2 1
Add +20 bonus to all Medicae Skill Tests performed within this Component. (Battlefleet Koronus page 39)
Small Craft Repair Deck 2 2
After any starship combat make a Difficult (-10) Tech Use test. For each degree of success 2 craft are recovered. (Battlefleet Koronus page 40)
Pilot Chambers 1 1
Grants a +2 bonus to Attack Craft Rating of all squadrons. (Battlefleet Koronus page 40)
Micro Laser Defense Grid 2 0
Xenos-Tech. Increases turret rating by +2. (Core rulebook, page 208)
Reinforced Interior Bulkhead (Best) 0 2
Adds +3 to Hull Integrity. (Core rulebook, page 203)
Storm-Trooper Detachment (Best) 0 0
When a hit and run raid is conducted double the amount of Hull Integrity damage dealt. When successfully defending in a boarding action add 1d5 to the damage inflicted to Crew Population. Best Craftsmanship grant +10 bonus to opposed Command Tests. (Into the Storm, page 164)

Complications / History Edit

Stoic Machine Spirit
Due to its somewhat plodding behaviour, whenever the crew would gain Profit Factor from an Endeavour, reduce the amount gained by 1. However, whenever one of the ship's Component’s becomes damaged or unpowered, roll 1d10. On a 7 or higher, the ship shrugs off the damage and it is ignored. (Core rulebook, page 197)
Haunted History
Some nameless horror haunts this vessel's past, leaving voidsmen to whisper stories of ghosts wandering through the corridors and cabins. Reduce Morale permanently by 10. However, strange premonitions flicker on the auger arrays, granting a +6 to the ship's Detection. Additionally, all non-crewmembers suffer –5 to Command Tests involving boarding actions or hit and run actions against the haunted vessel.(Core rulebook, page 198)

Timeline Edit

  • The Argenteus Cornix is christened.
  • An Obliterator Virus is brought on board by a Chaos worshiper and installed in the engine room.
  • A couple of months later the Obliterator Virus is discovered, and Tarron Damos decides to jettison the entire engine room.
  • An old Imperial warp drive and plasma drive is installed in its place.
  • A Void Kraken is defeated, and its giant skull is mounted to the front underside of the starship.